Cake Decoration


Cake decorating is one of the forms of sugar art that has become a popular culture these days all over the world!

Cake Decoration course at The Artwork Shop is a fun and creative easy-to-follow class, which will make students produce beautiful works of art with a “WOW” effect from all around! In this course, students will work with butter cream, how to make it, color it, and pipe it using the 4 copypiping technique. Students will also work with fondant on different projects and designs, including cutting, filling, and covering a cake then designing it with different fondant designed ribbons and flowers.
Basics in decorating cupcakes and cakes will be given in a step-by-step manner to produce pieces that will
delight friends and family, even if you’ve never decorated before! Build your decorating skills by learning to create dazzling colors, impressive shapes, and striking cakes.

The Cake Decoration Course is a monthly course, once a week, 2 hours long, and includes all materials. Advanced, special, and private workshops are also offered.