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  Artsy Morning – PAINTING & DRAWING for Kids (5-7  yrs) Artsy Morning is an art class for children 5 years old and above and is held every Saturday morning from 11am to 1pm. Their projects are structured using all kinds of mediums including painting, found objects, collage and all sorts of handicrafts. Motivation will be provided through […]


  PAINTING & DRAWING for Young Adults (8-16 yrs) Young adults will learn, practice, and explore new artistic skills and techniques. They will also be encouraged to express their own creativity through various different mediums. Observation and imagination play a major role in a young adult’s artistic talent, this is why, at The Artwork Shop, […]


  Learn to examine the materials and processes for sculpting figures. Investigate clay sculpture techniques focused on tool use, armatures and anatomy and explore your own individual style.


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